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Welcome to the Home of Autism In Motorsports (AIM). AIM encourages Children & Adults to try karting, you don't have to spend thousands to start with, local tracks offer time out in corporate karts, race suits and helmets. You just turn up/book and pay. If you like it you could join their clubs if they offer them and then gain more experience. 

You could buy a kart, new or second hand and become one of the many millions of owner drivers, but remember, its all about being safe, driving within your comfortability, budget, meeting new friends and most importantly having fun!

Not everyone will become the next Sir Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen, but you can enjoy yourself and feel like a racing driver as that's what you will be doing. 

Some go on to other motorsports like Rally cross, Endurance and much more and some just prefer to go karting. 

Don't forget the new type of karting from Rob Smedley.


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AIM ~ Encouraging through Passion 



How to help

Helping to promote AIM or helping another karting family is a great way to start. Just making others aware will help us to tell people we are here. Donations can be made to us in the forms of parts, services, equipment or funds. Every little helps.

Our Goals

Our aim is to make Autism In Motorsports (AIM) well known in racing. 

We would like to see more karts with our graphics on or even more stickers of our logos on karts, cars, vans and at tracks throughout the UK and world. 

Autism is world wide and no matter how people look at it, we are all the same and deserve the same respect.

You can be part of the AIM Racing Team, just buy our graphics and race under our banner. All drivers are owner drivers and we all pay our own way. We help each other with technical help, set up and even lend tools and parts. It's the ultimate karting family. 

We don't make much from the graphics only £3, but this is all about promoting Autism In Motorsports in general. We would like to see more karts with out graphics on and more drivers feeling part of the bigger team. AIM also has it's own Race Wear too. 

​Latest project

AIM Graphics are here. If you wish to race with our graphics or just have our graphics on your kart, please go to our Race Team page. We are not using Red Graphics.

Click here for their Face Book site.

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