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AIM Racing & Motorsports Ltd was set up to help raise money for Autism In Motorsports (AIM).

AIM-RM is a company fully owned by AIM and once all payments for good etc are paid any profits will sent to AIM and also used to purchase more items. We will also be buying second hand karts giving them a quick refurbish, placing AIM Graphics on and reselling them. We will also purchase other items to sell on. We cannot just rely on donations alone so we need to look further than this. 


We will be selling the range of products from Kart Care. These products are great and you will see them widely used in karting. You will definitely see them under the awnings. 

kart sprockets.jpeg

We will also be selling some of the popular items that you may need like:

  • Sprockets

  • Chains

  • Bearings (limited)

  • Spark plugs (limited) 

  • and other items too


We will be selling New and used tyres. We purchase the used tyres and sell on with small margins. We also welcome donations of tyres that have a lot of life left in them ie after one race meeting old. These we can sell cheap and help others who cannot afford to buy brand new. 

New tyres will be as and when we can get hold of them. 

We will have some merchandise with us, but most will need to be ordered and sent out to once made. 

Caps, Bennie hats and some other items we will have with us. 

Payments to be made direct to our bank for items you purchased by email. When onsite or at race days we can take card payments or cash. 

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