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AIM Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are Drivers from different classes of Karting and other motorsports. They are willing to help promote Autism In Motorsports and answer questions about how they became involved in the motorsports they are in. How or why they chose to start and what it is like to be in a team that cares. With their experience and knowledge, they will help where they can. 

We welcome people to become Ambassadors for AIM, children and Adults from all racing backgrounds. 


Anthony Ward. 

Anthony has been karting just over 2 years. Loves to drive fast and Max & Lewis are his Fav F1 Drivers.

Raced in Honda cadets & Junior TKM, now races in Rotax


Charlie Firmin.

Has bee karting for just over 3 years. Loves racing and helping out. 

Lewis is his Fav F1 driver.

Raced in Honda cadets and Junior TKM, now races in Rotax


Jake Dalrymple.

Has been karting for over 3 years. 

Loves racing and being the joker on the race days.  Great behind a camera too.

Races in Rotax


Thomas Parker

Has been karting from a very early age. Thomas had a major achievement when he came 3d in the Super One karting championships.


Thomas has agreed to become an Ambassador to AIM and to help the drivers, but will continue to drive under CTP Motorsports along with his father Colin. 

Would you or your Child like to be an Ambassador to AIM? 

We need more Ambassadors, to help encourage and answer questions when out and about or at race meetings. 

The race meetings could be where you are racing or where you have gone to watch another race meeting. 

Promoting AIM and encouraging others is just to speak with people, tell them your experiences and what you love best, you are not a sales person, just someone who loves Motorsports. Send your details with the following to the link below:

  • Photos

  • Area location- not address ie. Cambridgeshire 

  • A brief description of what you drive

  • Any championships you have won, came second or more- remember its not about winning but having fun

  • Fave Motorsports star

  • What makes you happy

  • Are you in a team, or parent and driver team

CLICK HERE to send over you details

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