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12th September AIM's First Meet & Great Day

So AIM's first M & G day (Meet & Great) kicked off at Wildtracks at Redlodge. 

We had people from different places some 3hrs drive away, and they camped over night to start the M&G day full of freshness. 

Wildtracks hosted a great discount to those who wanted to come and drive their own kart or to drive the corporate kart with a tasty 20% discount off their normal prices- thank you Wildtracks. 

The day went well with some much needed testing and setup on the owner driver karts and those who wanted to test another track in some corporate kart. Everyone watching each other.

With Craig Tatham who set up this M&G talking to Wildtracks and Helping others, chatting and explaining what AIM is about. Unfortunately Dylan (Craig's son) wasn't feeling too great and couldn't attended. 

it was a great feeling to see more karts with AIM's graphics on, showing off the mighty colours, never feel down, these colours will cheer you up that for sure. 

Wildtracks is great track for starting your karting career and the staff are brilliant, they will help you and guide you through driving their circuit.  There are four layouts and these will change to give you more experience of a more complex track. 

The next is being arranged for 2021 and details will be on our Facebook group Autism In Motorsports (AIM) The Grass Roots of Motorsports. 

For some photos please click here to go straight to our Gallery 

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