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AIM will always look for volunteers to help us. AIM is based of everyone helping us, even if we don't know about. If you help a child with Autism then you have done a good turn and thats what we like to hear about. 

We have our Facebook group and stories are always being posted, but some stories may not, send us an email and we will be sure to post it (just make sure you have permission to post any photos before hand). 

Out on track can always be a worry, so if you are going to a track for practice or even a race, put a shout out and see if anyone needs a hand. 

AIM will be looking for Trustees very soon. As we have limited places, we need to find people with backgrounds in the following:

  • Mechanical experience

  • Book keeping

  • Fund raising

  • Working within charities

  • Event organising

  • Working with Children with Autism

  • Knowledge of karting

  • Motorsports & racing

  • Wanting to see children smile and be happy!

Please email us at with all your contact details and how you can help us. 


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