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Project help

One of our Project is to purchase karts and revamp them. Our aim is to make them look smart with new graphics, serviced and will come as a package ready to run. 

These will be sold to Low income families who have children with Autism at reduced price to suit their budget.

AIM will support the new owners and find local Guru's who will help set up the kart and give guidance and help so you can become the expert. 

We wont be able to help everyone, but where possible we will reduce the costs. 

The idea is to allow families to get in to karting, but with reduced costs. When the child decides to move up, we will offer a good price (Subject to T&C) so you can put this money towards your next class which we will help you get into. 

Terms and conditions will apply when we help families with their first kart and when they move up to the new class or if they decide to stop karting. 


Track days

One project is to look from supporting tracks to hold track days for Children and Adults with Autism to come and take a drive in corporate karts. 

The ideal way to try before you spend lots of money buying your first kart and all the equipment. 

We all know motorsports is expensive and karting is the foundation to moving up in classes and then on to other motorsports. 

With funding we can make help some people try for the first time, and then if they wish to carry on, you have the choice to stay with corporate karts or go to owner drivers. 


Our Goals​

We would like to own some special kart.  The karts will be adapted so we can set up the seat and pedals quickly and easy.  This will help reduce the time the children are waiting and trying to get in tot kart. if we can do this while they are seated it will be much easier and less stressful. 

To adapt a kart we would be looking around £4,000 - £5,000 (inc second hand kart and engine). this would be because each kart would need special engineering plus radio controlled cut out functions.

We would also like to build our own karting track. This would be like a mini F1 track with all the lights, special designed circuit and much more. The karts would have 360 action cameras on to film the children's driving and a video they will be given to take home and share with the family. We would also have a life skills center where we would teach children about engines, karting, set up, computer skills, and much more and not just about karting. 

If you can help up with these projects please contact us on our email

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