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Stories from our members and supporters of how they came in to motorsports

Sam Giles Story of how Devon her son became involved in karting

So Devon and i were introduced to karting in May last year by my ex partner. He wanted to build a relationship with my son and this was something he enjoyed and Devon regularly talked about cars etc. So we went up to be told he was too young at 5 to go in a kart but could go out in the two seater with a member of staff. Safe to say after that small taste he was hooked!!! On speaking with the managed they told me to come back the following week and they would sort out the bambino kart they had left from when they use to do kart club for under 8's.

So up we went and in he jumped. He just wanted to get going. He went around a few times and then the engine over heated. Went out again for a few laps and over heated again. We did this the following week too when they then gave up and went and stuck him in the biz kart. The power difference scared me but Devon just took it in his stride


Now Devon is currently awaiting assessment for ASD. I always knew he was different and normally he would not show such focus on an activity but karting just seemed to be his thing. When things got tough and Devon struggled with emotions due to his estranged father, school etc I would take him to the local circuit to have a blast and after an hour he would have settled. He made friends with adults and children alike there, something which he always struggled to maintain due to his behaviour and understanding of boundaries.


In Feb 2020 I took the plunge and bought him his own kart. The joy this has bought to him and me to have something to focus on and work together as a team on has been amazing. It works as a good outlet with the continued issues he is struggling with and helps him with building new relationships and understanding that everyone is different but we are all the same deep down

Sam is a keen member of our group Autism In Motorsports and is also one of our Admins. Sam continues to rally support from her close friends and should you meet her and Devon on the track, please feel free to help her with any set up or technical advice.

Paul and Anthony Ward- Director of Aim and Anthony Driver & Ambassador to AIM

Anthony was young when we believed he has Autism, but we also knew there was more to this. Anthony was diagnosed with ADHD and then Autism. Through his school life, the school wasn't so great he became low within himself, his confidence went very low and he was picked on by his peers and other around him. 

We left the area, started fresh, new school and hoped this would all change. Anthony became good friends with a lad called Charlie firmin, it turns out his farther was the brother of my bet friend from school. 20 plus years had passed since we had seen each other. 

Anthony always wanted to try karting, we as parents were not sure of what would happen with a child who had Autism and ADHD taking off in a kart with an engine. While on holiday we did let Anthony drive some electric karts, which are the same power as a Honda Cadet kart, and he was doing very well. He could handle and drive well but still the engine side was a worry. 

We met Mark and Charlie at Wildtracks and both lads went out. Anthony did very well and after a few more times out in the corporate kart, we then brought out our. Anthony spent 16 months in Honda before we had to move to JTKM, where he is doing very well. 

Anthony came 4th in his first racing league and second in the 2nd one we entered. At one race meeting some lads decided to laugh at Anthony as he the "Autism Awareness" sticker on his helmet, this made me feel very sad and did have knock on effect to Anthony. My dream was to set up a charity and this incident made me more determined and with the Help of Mark Firm, Craig Tatham and Mark Dalrymple we pushed hard for it and here we are now.  

Karting does wonders for Anthony, so much to learn and gain from it, social interaction, Awareness of dangers, Learning and much more. Most importantly having fun!!

Anthony has always used the word "Still I Rise" so when he has had a bad race, he thinks this. 

He also likes to say " We win together, We loose together"

If You wish to send us your stories of how you found your way into motorsports please send us your photos and story by email to us.

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