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Autism In Motorsports (AIM) was formed by four friends Paul Ward, Mark Firm, Craig Tatham and Mark Dalrymple in 2020. 

Craig Recently left AIM to pursue his dream with his Son Dylan and AIM have wished him all the best and should he want to return we would welcome him back.

The reason behind this was to Encourage more people with autism in to motorsports and promote the starting point in karting. 

Karting is the grass root level for most motorsports and people progress from here into many other motorsports.

AIM was a passion of Paul Ward, his son Anthony Ward has Autism and ADHD and found that karting helped Anthony in many ways. These include Awareness of dangers, Interaction, Learning, Outgoing to say a few.

Paul asked for the help and support from both Marks and Craig and with the help of others the Facebook Group was formed. 

Shortly after the Not for Profit company Autism In Motorsports was formed and we will shortly apply for full Charity Status. 

AIM has enlisted the help from many others in the motorsports sector to help promote AIM and most with children with Autism. 

AIM will shortly be expanding with the formal launch of the AIM Race Team, a race team of owner drivers who want to make a difference. 

Autism in Motorsports will soon launch it's subsidiary/sister company to sell merchandise, karting parts and equipment. All the profits from this company go to AIM to help other low income families who have children with Autism, ADHD and Similar Conditions. 

Our Dream

Our life long goal is to own a track which will be self-sufficient with a Life Skills Centre.


The Life Skills Centre will be the heart of the dream, to help young children with Autism, ADHD and other similar conditions to learn valuable life skills to help them in life. 


We want to help children learn about mechanics, IT and other interests in motorsports and that will give them a stepping stone to apprenticeships. 


Having the life skills centre, we can work towards obtaining recognised qualifications and even some may work at the centre helping others. 


We would offer drive time for children who are disabled where they can go out in a two seater kart and experience the drive. Action cameras will be onboard and we can download the video footage so they can take this away to show their friends and family. 


Giving children enjoyment and helping them is something that they need and we can give them. The smiles will be worth every minute of everything AIM does and more. 


Teaching children to drive karts even if they don’t have any disabilities will help bring both those with and without disabilities together and learn integration and that we are all equal throughout. 


We would hold race events where everyone can take part so children can meet new friends, learn more and build social skills. 


We need to build on our dream so we can help children dream bigger.


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