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The Directors 


Paul ward. 

Anthony Ward is his Son.

Has been in karting for past 4 years. Enjoys the laughs, banter & Anthony's Mechanic


Mark Firmin.

Charlie  & Fred Firmin are his Son's. 

Has been karting for past 5 years and is Charlie's & Fred's Mechanic. Loves the excitement and laughs


Mark Dalrymple.

Jake Dalrymple is his son.

Has been karting for past 3 years and is Jake's Mechanic.

Loves fixing Jakes kart and all the laughs and banter.

The Drivers 

All our drivers are from different backgrounds, not all have Autism, ADHD or other disabilities. They race to help encourage and promote AIM.  They all drive with passion regardless If They Win or Lose, We believe in the phrase - We Win Together, We Lose Together, We Are Autism In Motorsports 


Thomas Parker

Has been karting from a very early age. Thomas had a major achievement when he came 3d in the Super One karting championships.


Thomas has agreed to become an Ambassador to AIM and to help the Team and drive under the AIM banner.  Thomas is furthering his driving skills by taking on a much larger vehicle - His new 4x4 and going to try rallying after his Dad Colin.  

The Tech Guru's 


Colin Parker.

AKA Dr. Kart. 

His son races in Rotax. Loves to help people and tweak engines. 

Colin has been racing himself for over 30 years from karting to Porsche and more. 

Has a Wealth of knowledge in karting. If it's broke he will fix it.

Would or Could You?

Would you like to be one of our Tech Helpers? We always look for people who can volunteer their help to those who need it. We need to help the people who come from low income families who have children with Autism, ADHD and other similar conditions. They need us. Send us an email with your details and experience plus the tracks you go to.  Remember this is to help for free only.

Families can be very vulnerable too and need our help and trust. CLICK HERE 

Trustees to AIM 

Would you like to be a Trustee or Volunteer 

Being either a Trustee or Volunteer will help AIM move forward and achieve more. We look for enthusiastic people who want to help. We all work for free here. 

We don't ask for formal qualifications except to be DBS checked. We will ask for References from either Employers or other charities you have work for. We have to be sure that people can bring something to the table to help us. Different people have different qualities and experiences so we will look for those who fill the places we have. 


So to help see if you can help us we are looking for the following:

  • Book Keeper

  • Fund Raisers, those who know how to apply for Grants etc

  • Sponsorship Finders

  • Accountant 

Please send your details to

Trustee's must be over 18 and access to video calling and emails. 


If you want to be a volenteer to Help out with Social media, AIM Days, Race Days etc please send your details to Please click the email link as this will generate the title. 

All correct at time of going to press July 2020
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