AIM Race Team

Our Team

The Aim Racing Team is made up of drivers with Autism and some without. Having a mixture helps balance the team and promote “We are all as one”.

The team race in different classes in the karting sector but we have those who wish to race under the AIM brand but are just owner drivers wishing to promote AIM and can be proud of what they are doing.​

The team we currently have are all owner drivers and the costs are down to the individual owners, so if you want to join send us an email

We have teamed up with Engine Builders for Honda Cadet, TKM and Rotax to help with our costs and to help us keep racing.

Our goal will be to have a team funded by AIM with about six to eight drivers and a team of volunteers helping with set ups, fault finding, setting up the mobile pits at races. Our drivers and mechanics will be on hand to answer questions at race days and help those families who have children with Autism and we encourage other teams to help where they can too. Let’s build our community bigger and stronger.

Entry to our awning space will be a set figure and those helping and giving advice will not be liable for any set up related issues, nor will AIM. It will be the responsibility of drivers and their mechanic/parents/guardians to ensure the the kart is safe to drive. Win or loose, AIM will be exempt of all Liability of any responsibility for any damages, accidents or injuries to those on and off the track. We will require declarations to be signed and certain requirements to take advantage of this.

Remember, we are promoting, Team work, fun, good company, laughs, life skills and most important the drivers leave happy and in good spirits wanting to drive again!!

AIM shop
​AIM Racing & Motorsports Ltd (AIM-RM) is now up and running. We will not be having a shop just at the moment but will sell products when on site or at our race meetings.